Let’s try this again…

20161119_1336291Good morning, Beautiful Soul!   I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for years… No, scratch that.  I’ve started a blog a few times over the past 6 years, but always lost interest and inspiration.  So, here we are… 2017.  Let’s get this thing done!

2016 was a pretty crappy year for a lot of folks, myself included.  I must say though, that overall, I am blessed and really cannot complain.  How do you intend to start off 2017?  Have you considered your goals for the year?  It is not too late, you know.

2017 is going to be the year of transformation for me.  I hope you decide to follow along on this journey, but I forewarn you… it is going to be one wild ride!  I’ll elaborate more next week!

Happy New Year!

A New Year, NOT a New You!

The new secular year has just begun! I’ve heard tales of how folks are planning changes. Not just small changes, but big changes. Life changing changes, even. Then, I heard something that was slightly disconcerting… I overheard someone say, “This is the year of the brand new me!” It was said with such enthusiasm, I couldn’t decide whether to smile or cringe.

Let me explain. I do not want, nor wish a brand new me! I kind of like the “me” that I am, but hey, who couldn’t use a little work? This year, I have chosen not to make any resolutions. Instead, I have chosen to make AFFIRMATIONS!

Resolutions are typically set up for failure, or are negative in nature. I know, you mean well, but saying “I am going to lose 100 pounds this year” doesn’t make it happen. In fact, losing 100 pounds in a year is not only unrealistic (surgeries aside). It could potentially be unsafe if not done in a healthy manner and under physician guidance. Or what if you resolve to quit eating junk food? Again, we are focusing on what we are losing instead of what we are gaining! I do not know about you, but “losing” and “quitting” are not usually something I aspire to do.

Affirmations are much more positive! You are making a positive statement. Start off with focusing on the positive and what you will gain! “I will achieve a healthier weight in 2013.” Doesn’t that feel better even as the words come out of your mouth? It is already a positive statement and it evokes a sense of accomplishment.

How about we take this one step further? Can you handle all the positive energies that will be swirling around you, enveloping you until your only option is success? Think of the steps needed to achieve those goals and aspirations? “To achieve a healthier weight in 2013, I eat more vegetables with each meal.” “To achieve a healthier weight in 2013, I make better nutritional choices.” Make the statement as if it is already fact. Whatever you tell yourself, you will come to believe. When you believe it, truly believe it, you will achieve it. Time and time again, this has been proven.

It just so happens, that 2013 will be my best year yet!

This year, I will:
…Achieve a healthier weight because I make good decisions when it comes to food.
…Celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary with the man of my dreams because we love each other deeply and are successful at working together in our relationship.
…Be more positively productive because I have my priorities in tune with what is best for myself and those I love.
…Hire an accountant because my business has grown and will benefit from the expense.
…Host the Grand Opening of the physical location for Everlasting Myst because I have worked very hard for this and DESERVE this success!

What do you say to yourself when nobody else is around? Are you positive? Do you believe what you have to say? If it is positive, you should!

Good luck and Goddess Bless,